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Fatih Mosque


Fatih Mosque Built by Fatih Sultan Mehmet in the Fatih district of Istanbul, the mosque has become one of the most important historical mosques in Istanbul. Also, the tomb of many statesmen of the period is located.

History of  The Fatih Mosque

Fatih Mosque was built by Fatih Sultan Mehmet in the Fatih district of Istanbul. The construction of the Fatih Mosque, which was started in 1467 by the architect Sinauddin Yusuf bin Abdullah, was completed in 1470.
The Fatih Mosque was seriously damaged in the earthquake of 1766 and was almost ruined. It was rebuilt and repaired in 1971. Following the landslide after the Gölcük earthquake, worship was suspended and reopened in 2012 for worship.

Information About The Fatih Mosque

The central dome was built on four elephant legs at the Fatih Mosque. It is surrounded by a half-dome. The full and half domes around the half-dome in the mosque surround the mahlil and the outer ablution taps. This building has two minarets with two balconies. The hulls of the minarets are built up to the honor before the earthquake of 1771. The stone ears were made during the reign of Sultan Abdulhamid II. The fountain of the Fatih Mosque has a total of 22 domes based on 18 columns.

Where is the Fatih Mosque?

It is located in Fatih district, which is named after the Fatih Mosque.

How to go?

Private car: You can connect to Atatürk Boulevard from the shore of the Golden Horn and then you can go to Fevzi Paşa Street. You can reach the historical mosque in a short time by following the signs on the street.

Public Transportation: You can reach the Saraçhane (Haşim İşcan) underpass next to the İstanbul Büyük Şehir Belediye building by buses going to Eminönü. You can reach Fatih Mosque in 10 minutes walk from Saraçhane underpass.