Ana Sayfa Mosques Eyup Sultan Mosque

Eyup Sultan Mosque


It was built in the region of Fatih Sultan Mehmet in 1458, which is five years later of Istanbul’s conquest. And yet, Eyup Sultan Mosque was heavily damaged in1766 on earthquake and barely to be used. III. Selim made it fixed. Eventually, it happened to look how it is today. Except for its minarets and ground form, it was restored.

A Brief Information About Eyup Sultan Mosque

Being inside of the mosque complex, the grave belongs to Halid bin Zeyd Ebu Eyyub El-Ensari, who gives the mosque its name. Hz. Eyyub El-Ensari passed away near by Istanbul’s walls on the expedition of Istanbul Conquest.
After the conquest of Istanbul, Aksemseddin, who is Fatih Sultan Mehmet’s teacher, found his grave. Afterward, an architecturally and spiritually valuable tomb was built, on the area.

Where is it and How to go

Eyup Sultan Mosqueclocated in Eyup district, which is named after the mosque.

Public Transportation: There are plenty of bus services from Yenikapı, Aksaray, Bakırköy and many central points. Also, you can get there on foot from Ayvansaray Metrobus Station.

Private Cars: Driving under the Unkapanı Bridge, you can get to Eyup Sultan Mosque through Feshane.

Advice for Visitors

Morning pray is the best time for visiting. Go and fell the peace!

After visiting, you can climb Pierre Lotti and enjoy the Haliç landscape.