Ana Sayfa Mosques Blue Mosque in Sultanahmet

Blue Mosque in Sultanahmet


Among the mosques in Istanbul, the most important feature of the mosque is that it has the first 6 minarets. It is named a blue mosque because of the blue and white tiles used in interior design.

History of the Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque was built in the 17th century by the order of Sultan I.Ahmed. The architect of the mosque is Sedefkar Mehmet A─ča who student of Great Mimar Sinan. It is one of the most beautiful mosques and architectural structures in the world with its attractive architecture and six minarets.

Information about Blue Mosque

It is named a Blue Mosque because of the blue and white tiles used in interior design.
Blue Mosque was known as the only 6 minarets mosque until the  Çamlica Mosque built. Having six minarets of the mosque has led to reactions that have been completed when the mosque is completed. The reason for this is that it has the same number of minarets as the Mecca Mosque; However, Sultan Ahmed I, Mecca Mosque, the 7th minaret by having these reactions were eliminated.
A total of 16 cheers in the minarets indicate that Sultan Ahmed I was the 16th Sultan. The mosque was built on a rectangular plan with the courtyard and the square area of ÔÇőÔÇőworship consists of a total of 2,646 m2. The dome has a height of 43 meters and its diameter is 23 meters. The dome, which attracts attention with its size, is located on four large columns.
The mosque has been upgraded to be seen from many points. In front of the mosque, the courtyard, which also includes the fountain, was built on a total of 26 columns. There are a total of 30 domes in this courtyard. This courtyard can be accessed through three different doors with stairs. Another feature of these doors is that there are precious bronze doors on them.
Such a large mosque will have more interior windows. Thanks to the 280 windows opened inside the buildingÔÇÖs lighting, the tiles decorating the interior walls of the mosque give a very beautiful appearance.


The Blue Mosque is situated in the Sultanahmet neighborhood of Fatih district, along the Sultanahmet Square, just across the famous Hagia Sophia Museum and Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts.

How to Get There?

If you are coming from the Anatolian side, you can take the tram after passing by Kabata┼č or Emin├Ân├╝ by ferry. You can also take the Taksim-Beyaz─▒t bus to the square where the mosque is located.

Most of the roads around the square named after the mosque are closed to vehicle traffic. Therefore, if you want to come to the area by using your own vehicle, you can choose between the areas around Topkapi Palace or high schools.

Mosque Recommendations

The Blue Mosque is a live mosque that you should respect some rules. First of all, visitors are kindly requested to show respect to prayers in the mosque by not making so much noice and take care of their dresses. The parts of the mosque used by prayers are temporarily closed to the visitors on Friday worship as not to disturb.

Trip Advice 

  • Try the famous Sultanahmet meatballs.
  • Examine the triangle of Obelisk in Sultanahmet Square.
  • Take a walk in G├╝lhane Park.

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