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Historical Mosques

Blue Mosque

Among the Istanbul mosques, is Blue Mosque the most visited one.It is the first mosque that has six minarets in Ottoman Period. Since there are plenty of blue and white ceramics inside, it is called as “Blue Mosque” .                    Read More >>

Süleymaniye Mosque

Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, was built according to classical Ottoman architectural features. The mosque was built during the journeyman’s journey of Grand Master Mimar Sinan.                 Read More >> 

Fatih Mosque

Fatih Mosque Built by Fatih Sultan Mehmet in the Fatih district of Istanbul, the mosque has become one of the most important historical mosques in Istanbul. In addition, the tomb of many statesmen of the period is located. Read More >>

Eyüp Sultan Mosque

Eyyüp Sultan Mosque, which also includes the grave of Eyyüp El-Ensari, is known for its crowded visitors. It is among the important mosques inherited from the Ottoman Empire. Read More >>