Ana Sayfa Historical Places The Guide of Best Museum in İstanbul

The Guide of Best Museum in İstanbul

Hagia Sophia Museum

The Hagia Sophia Museum, which is considered one of the most important buildings in the world, has become the center of attention of local and foreign tourists.   View Details>

Archaeology Museum

Istanbul Archeology Museum, the first museum established by the Ottoman Empire, is among the 10 most important museums in the world with both its architectural features and its artifacts. View Details >

Maritime Museum

The Maritime Museum in Beşiktaş, Turkey’s most important museum in the maritime field, is among the world’s most important museums in terms of its collection. View Details >

Panorama 1453 History Museum

The Panorama 1453 Museum, which is the world’s first full panoramic Museum, relives the conquest of Istanbul to its visitors. View Details >

Toy Museum

The Istanbul Toy Museum, founded with toys bought by Sunay Akın from antique shops and auctions in more than 40 countries in 20 years, presents world history to visitors with a more fun, more catchy way of learning. View Details>


It is an open-air museum where the buildings that have taken place in Turkish and world history are minimized and displayed. View details>