Ana Sayfa Historical Places

Historical Places


Once the capital of a Muslim Ottoman Empire for many hundreds of years, Istanbul hosts variety of beautiful and glorious mosques that worth a visit and see. Most of the beautiful mosques with important historical heritage are situated on the historical peninsula, in the districts and neighborhoods of Fatih, Sultanahmet and Eminonu, as well as on the Bosphorus shoreline in Tophane, Kabatas, Besiktas and Ortakoy.            View Details >


Istanbul can be considered as one of the best cities in the world by means of history, culture and art. Istanbul hosts more than 80 museums ranging from archaeological, history museums to modern and fine art museums, as well as themed museum. You may enjoy temporary and permanent exhibitions on most of the museums. View Details >

Palaces & Pavilions

There are many beautiful palaces & pavilions in Istanbul worth a visit on your visit to Istanbul. Palaces are the gorgeous structure that where the Ottoman Sultans have lived and they are being visited by thousands of tourists every day. Here, we put together the most important and beautiful palaces and pavilions in Istanbul that worth a visit and see during your Istanbul stay.                 View Details >

Fountains & Cisterns

You can find information about the historical and beautiful fountains and cisterns of Istanbul that you won’t want to miss on your istanbul visit.


There had been many churches in Istanbul which belongs to very different sects, religious orders and different nations (Greek, Armenian, Latin, Genoise and more).

Squares & Streets

You can find the most visited, lively and touristic squares, avenues and streets in Istanbul. You may have a great day out by eating out, having your drink while you relax on the popular cafes, shopping, strolling and entertain in all those places on your visit to Istanbul.