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Eminönü has shouldered the historical wealth of istanbul on its own. Along with its high population and attraction for local and foreign tourists, Eminonu is among the places that must be on your travel route in Istanbul.

How to go to Eminonu?

It is very easy to reach Eminönü, which is one of the most crowded points in Istanbul. You can reach Eminönü from the European side by using IETT buses from almost every stop. You can also reach Eminönü using the Bağcılar-Kabataş tramway line. The most recommended method to reach Eminönü from the Anatolian side is of course the ferry. There are frequent ferry services from Üsküdar and Kadıköy to Eminönü.

Things to Do & See

You have arrived to Eminonu and you are getting ready to travel. Wait a minute, a tiring trip is waiting for you. Before this tiring trip, eating fish and bread from the boats on the shore will save you all day.

Historical Eminönü Fish Bread Boats

Eminönü square contains many historical buildings. The New Mosque(Yeni Camii), the Historical Sirkeci Station and the Spice Bazaar are the most important of these. When you pass right across the shore using the underpass, the New Mosque will welcome you in all its glory.

New Mosque (Yeni Camii)

Yeni Camii (Valide Sultan Mosque)

Another name of the mosque is Valide Sultan Mosque. The recently restored mosque fascinates us with its eye-catching architecture and tiled interior motifs. The most striking feature of the mosque is that it is the last big mosque built by the Ottoman family. The mosque, which lasted 66 years, was opened for worship in 1665.  Location>>

Spice Bazaar

Historical Spice Bazaar Mısır Çarşısı

Historical Spice Bazaar, where you can see the entrance from the square where the mosque is located, is known as the oldest bazaar in Istanbul. In addition to the florists you see right at the entrance, the bazaar, famous for its spice shops, dried fruits and shops where you can find rare plant roots, is one of the places you should definitely visit in Istanbul. Spice Bazaar was founded by Hassa Architect Kazım Ağa in 1660. It was built by Mehmed’s mother, Valide Turhan Sultan, to provide income to Yeni Mosque.

It is an L-shaped market. One of the remarkable areas of the L-shaped bazaar is Dua Square. There was a market named “Makron Envolos” where Venice and Genoese made a trade during the Byzantine period. The name of the Spice Bazaar is that it is because of the products coming from Egypt as a general belief, but it was called the Spice Bazaar because it was actually built with taxes collected from Egypt. In addition, as an ancient tradition, in this junction of L-shaped bazaar, shopkeepers would not open their shops in this “Prayer Square” without praying. After the morning prayer, all tradesmen occur, someone, they trust, went to this balcony and read a prayer and wished them honest and fair earnings. The shopkeepers opened their shops with amine sounds.

Sirkeci Station Railway Museum

Sirkeci Station Railway Museum

The foundation of Sirkeci Station, Istanbul’s gateway to Europe, was laid on February 11, 1888, with a great ceremony. The architect of the magnificent station building opened on 03 November 1890 is known as German architect and engineer A. Jasmund. The railway station, which has an architectural structure that attracts attention with its Byzantine-style walls built of stone and brick and arched windows in the shape of horseshoes suitable for Islamic architecture, now serves as a railway.

Sirkeci Station Railway Museum

The museum, which can be visited for free, was opened in Sirkeci Station in 2005. The museum, which serves on an area of ​​145 square meters, displays approximately 300 cultural works. The museum is open every day except Sunday, Monday and holidays.

In the Eminönü district, which is close to many touristic points in the historical peninsula, there are also tour starting points where you can take a Bosphorus tour. The highly economical tours take about an hour and a half and are very informative.

If you have come to Eminönü district and you can not get enough to visit, you can also visit Sultanahmet Square nearby. Blue Mosque, Gülhane Park, Hagia Sophia Museum and Basilica Cistern are just a few of the historical places you can visit.


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