Ana Sayfa Top Historical & Beautiful Churches in Istanbul St George Catholic Church, Galata

St George Catholic Church, Galata


Sankt Georg Church, located on Kartçınar Street on Bankalar Street, is among the important churches of Istanbul. The church, which was known to be built in 1677, is mentioned in the book of the Latin Community and Churches of Rinaldo Marmara, although the name of the church was first encountered in 1303, it is known that the church dates back to early Christian times and was built on a pagan holy spring.

It is located on a hill in the middle of Galata. This place has been the central church and cathedral of the Genoese until the city passed to the Ottomans. A small school was opened in the church in 1628 and six languages ​​were taught in this school in the 18th century. Between 1783 and 1853, the church served as deputy pope. On this date, Bosniak was sold to the Franciscans and they turned it into a hospital for the Austro-Hungarian sailors. In 1882, the Austrian Lazarists were settled and started to serve in today’s Austrian High School building as a primary school and orphanage for German-speaking Catholic children. Okulun yönetimi de Avusturya’daki “Lazaristen ve Barmherzige Schwestern” adlı dini kuruluştaydı. Lazaristler buradaki binaları restore ederken Avrupa mimari tarzını yerleştirmişlerdir.

In 1963, excessive decorations inside the temple were removed and new interior decoration was made and Painter Anton Lehmden and Oitzinger of the Vienna School worked together and applied a new decoration. The church and school are still the heart of the Catholic Austrian community in Istanbul today.

The name of Kartçınar street came from a plane tree that was located here. The “Palazzo Comunita di Pera” building, which belongs to the Genoese Podesta, the governor of the 1300s, still stands on the street with its annexes made in the 18th century.


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