Ana Sayfa Top Historical & Beautiful Churches in Istanbul Hagia Triada Greek Orthodox Church, Kadıköy

Hagia Triada Greek Orthodox Church, Kadıköy


Aya Tridia Greek Orthodox Church, located on Bahariye Street in Kadıköy, is among the important churches of Istanbul. You can see the big dome of the buildings as you approach the Kadıköy pier by ferry.

The name of the church is the Holy Trinity, as it is dedicated to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The architects of the church, built-in 1902, are known as G. Zahariadis and Belissarios Makropoulus. In the garden of the church is the grave of Metropolitan Yermanos. To the south of the church entrance, there is a holy spring attributed to the Ayia Ekaterini, who lived in the Byzantine period in the 3rd – 4th centuries. The dome of Hagia Triada Church, which covers four pillars, covers the central space. There are 12 windows under the dome representing 12 apostles. There are round-arched bell towers in the corners of the church. Four Bible authors are depicted on the marble ambon of the church. The plan of the church is in the form of a closed Greek Cross.

The main entrance door of the church is located on Hacı Şükrü Bey Street. Haci Sukru Bey is a soldier of the independence medal who fought with the French in Macedonia during the Balkan War, with the Russians in World War I in Canakkale and Iran.


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