Ana Sayfa Top Historical & Beautiful Churches in Istanbul Hagia Paraskevi Greek Orthodox Church, Ortakoy

Hagia Paraskevi Greek Orthodox Church, Ortakoy


Hagia Paraskevi Greek Orthodox Church is among the important churches of Istanbul in Tarabya, located between Yeniköy and Büyükdere on the European side of the Bosphorus. With its old name, Therapia is a settlement in the Bosphorus villages close to the Black Sea, away from the city center. For this reason, it has not occupied an important place in history before. In 1655, by moving from the village of Terkos (Durusu), where the Metropolitan of Derkon (Terkos) was moved to Tarabya, the location of the village in the rest of the history has changed.

Fener Greek Beys (Boyarlar), who had important positions in the Palace in the 18th century, have given importance to this village and started to make sumptuous summer houses. The opening of the gap between the Greek gentlemen and the Ottoman administration in the rebellion of 1821 caused these valuable properties to change hands and to be given to foreign state embassies in Istanbul. This led to a new era for Tarabya and the village turned into the summer of the Miseries. The Greek bourgeoisie, which was liberated and enriched with the 1856 Hatt-ı Hümayun, chose it again as a summer resort, and after 1870 many hotels, hostels, restaurants and businesses opened, turned into a cosmopolitan environment and became one of the most important summer resorts in the Ottoman period. He kept this character until the 1960s. Aya Paraskevi Church, located in Tarabya bay, was opened to worship in 1960 after the ban on building a domed church that left in 1856 during the Ottoman period. For this reason, it is one of the first domed churches built in Istanbul during the Ottoman period. The building was built with resources donated by the Greek Banker Zarifi family. The name Tarabya comes from the Greek name of the village, Therapia. This word comes from the Greek word Farmakion, which is the place of treatment, due to its humid and cool air, especially in the summer, unlike Istanbul.


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